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Entrepreneurial Life

These are the 8 mental anchors that prevent you from taking off

It is that I did not finish high school "," It is that I do not have a master's degree "," It is that I never studied this or that "," It is that I have not received the diploma "...

Don't wait to get a job: get moving.

The magical power of action.

6 Tips for Shorter Meetings and More Powerful Leadership

It was post-covid. In your business: fewer meetings and more connections.
Entrepreneurial Life

5 reasons why you are still stuck in your work (and in life)

How to take control and start walking towards your own destiny.

It is not the same to persuade, than to manipulate

What is the difference, and why is it important?

This distinguishes 'successful' companies from legendary companies

Get to know the "hero's journey" and learn to tell your own story.
Public Speaking

Why You Should Always Start Your Speech or Presentation With A Story

The first few seconds of your presentation are key to winning your audience.
Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Why "Follow Your Passion" Might Be the Worst Career Advice You Could Follow

There are people who "love" to sing or whose "passion" is to play soccer. But that is not enough. If you want to be successful, you have to be talented.
Personal brand

8 Ways You May Be Screwing Up Your Image

It's not about fashion or luxury. It's about communicating your personal brand.
Entrepreneurial Life

Don't Look for 'a Good Deal.' Search for 'Your' Business.

Following the money is a bad way to get to the money.

7 Leadership Lessons From Steve Jobs

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who change it.
Entrepreneurial Life

What Should I Read for Business or Pleasure? The 4 quadrants to Choose Your Next Great Book.

If you have already started discovering the power of the habit of reading, very soon you will find yourself with an important question: "What to read?"
Entrepreneurial Life

Do You Want to Read More But Can't? Start With the 5-Minute Challenge

Bill Gates always reads on paper. Richard Branson is a fan of the Kindle. Stephen King enjoys audiobooks. Are there differences? Many. Does it matter? In the end, no.

Anatomy of the Ideal Email

Five tips and five common mistakes for digital communication.
Entrepreneurial Life

'Missionary' or Mercenary? The question that distinguishes your type of success

You want to undertake. Agree. First answer this: WHY?