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Why is capital raising not immediate after pitching an investor?

You should know that you will not get resources in the first pitch you make in front of investors.

Money rules: 6 ways to optimize your capital raising strategy

Getting investment represents a challenge and every CEO of a company of this type must concentrate on creating an attractive product for the market.

Why might this be the best time to create a corporate venture capital fund?

The health crisis has been an opportunity for many entrepreneurs who have taken advantage of the situation to publicize innovative solutions or adjust existing ones to new needs.

5 strategies that every startup should implement to sustain its business

Implementing a plan at any stage is necessary for companies, do not navigate aimlessly, since you will not know where you want to go or what goals to achieve.

Do you want to raise capital for your startup? Here are 6 tips to achieve it

The lack of capital is a common situation for startups, money is what makes a business feasible, that is why at all stages of the company it is necessary to raise capital

The 4 basics of financial analysis for startups

The question is how you should spend the money to avoid falling into the statistic of companies dying along the way.

Serious mistakes in Content Marketing that cost companies

Content marketing is a way of providing your potential customers with informative content to questions they seek, with the purpose of meeting a need.

What are series A, B, C of investments for your business?

This type of financing is necessary to scale your business to the big leagues.

What does pulling mean for startups?

This represents the evidence that your product or service has started its adoption rate in a large market.

What is a pitch deck? We tell you how to sell your idea to investors

What an investor really needs is to find real and measurable information that allows him to detect the potential of the companies seeking his investment.

The best strategies to raise capital

Doing so is a titanic task that deserves attention from you and the founding team.

Venture Capital's responsibility to women

84% of the funds do not have a woman in their investment team and only 4% of the funds have a woman member.

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