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Startups Looking to Sustain Their Growth Should Keep These 3 Strategies in Mind

Keeping a startup afloat is challenging, but it doesn't have to be, if you remember these principles.

Partnering With an Angel Investor? Here's What You Need to Consider.

Angel investors may provide a great source of financing, but they also come with certain risks.

What does an angel investor do?

There are currently 126 Venture Capital investment funds in Mexico, of which 104 operate mainly with money from Mexican investors.

These Are the Best Strategies to Win Customers

55% of consumers don't trust the brands they buy from as much as they used to. How are you going to make them fall in love?

Why Content Marketing Delivers Effective Results for Startups

This year it should make it clear that it's one of the most important digital strategies that exists.

Failure to Pivot Can Lead Your Startup to Death

At no time should you stop learning or taking advantage of any resource.

Let's Talk About Raising Capital in the Pandemic

The pandemic and everything that comes with it has brought various challenges to the industry, both for startups and venture capital investment funds alike.

How to Create a High-Performance Content Strategy for Startups

Content marketing establishes a trusting relationship with customers and makes them comfortable buying from you.

How much capital should you raise in your next investment round?

Many are the questions that an investor needs you to answer; some of the important ones and that, usually, are not dominated by the entrepreneur.

How to do the best recruiting for your startup

Recruiting is one of the most important tasks funders do, so be extremely cautious. Take note of our advice.

4 questions to ask yourself before raising capital

Closing a deal with investors remains one of the heaviest tasks for entrepreneurs.