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Gabrielle Bienasz is a staff writer at Entrepreneur. She previously worked at Insider and Inc. Magazine. 

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FTX CEO John Ray Is Making $1,300 An Hour to Shepherd the Disgraced Crypto Exchange Through Bankruptcy

The famed corporate cleanup executive is set to bring in $2.6 million a year to sort through the disgraced crypto exchange's finances.

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'It's Super Important We Get This Right': Despite ChatGPT's Popularity, Don't Expect a Google-Built Competitor Right Away

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai and another executive reportedly discussed the stakes Google faces when it comes to replacing search with artificial intelligence in an all-hands meeting.

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Nestlé To Build $43 Million Factory in Ukraine Amid Ongoing War With Russia

The company said on Monday it would build a new factory in the Volyn region of Ukraine.

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Leonard Cohen's Son and Daughter Are Suing a Lawyer They Say Took Control of Late Singer's Fortune Through Nefarious Means

"Leonard Cohen's lawyers and manager forged his trust so they could fleece the estate of millions of dollars and steal the Hall of Famer's legacy from his own children," said Adam Streisand, an attorney for Cohen's children.


Los clientes de Amazon otorgan $5 millones de dólares en propinas a los repartidores en un solo día

La semana pasada Amazon anunció un programa para que los clientes pudieran dar un millón de propinas de $5 dólares a los repartidores por medio de Alexa diciendo "Agradece a mi conductor". El monto se agotó un día después del lanzamiento del programa.