Geoff Williams - Page 16


The INternet Crowd

Those webheads really know how to party

Too Much Information

Stay sane with these information-overload tips.

Bridging The Gap

Ol' Will Shakespeare said it centuries ago: ''Crabbed age and youth cannot live together.'' Maybe not. But they can incorporate.

Lumbering To Success

Someone said, "Try and try again." Tom Sullivan did and ended a string of soured businesses by selling old lumber, proving that you can make a successful business out of almost anything.

Stop-Gap Measures

Is bringing two age groups together under one business roof brewing success or inviting each other to a nightmare? Meet two sets of entrepreneurs who made their differences work-and one who couldn't span the generation gap.


A comedy of errors is only funny when it happens to someone else. Enjoy these tales of start-up blunders-but don't let them happen to you.

Walls Can Wait

. . . because the cubicle is the current state of office space.

Hula-Hoop It Up

Welcome to the world of Internet phenomena, where you actually want to hear the words "Oh, it's just a fad."

Class Of '98

Where are they now? We reunite with four entrepreneurial alumni to find out if that degree paid off.

Lost Generation

. . . and found generation. Introducing the generation called Jones

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Our writers debate the home office quandary: What happens when you grow out of your office or decide homebased life isn't for you?

Bring It On

There's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. In fact, it's what some entrepreneurs live for.

Easy Money

You've tried the lottery. You've even tried selling your Schwinn. Ever wonder why you can't get to the "M" word? Here's millionaire advice straight from the horses' mouths.

A Million For Your Thoughts

What makes those platinum-plated minds tick?

On With The Show

There's no biz that can't be promoted through showbiz.