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Looking for a franchise that ventures off the beaten path? A "miscellaneous" franchise could be for you.
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Is Your Office Like "The Office"?

The answer is probably yes, but that's not all bad--you may actually be doing something right.
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Sometimes it's a holiday; sometimes it's hell.

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Whether as a product or a person, James Bond has much to teach the world of business.

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Nostalgic for a simpler time? Entrepreneurs get clients back to basics with fun retreats.

Small-Business Answer Book

Get the answers to your crucial business questions in the second section of our three-part series.
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Office Politics

With an election right around the corner, political discussions among co-workers can lead to heated exchanges-or worse. Here are 5 tips on defusing political passions before they start.

10 Off-the-Wall Businesses

These businesses prove that no idea is too odd to find success.

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Time to Patent

Protect your new product with a patent.
Starting a Business

Writing a Basic Vendor Contract

Protect your business with a strong contract.
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Choosing Benefits for Your Employees

How to figure out the best employee benefits for your budget
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Getting the Right Insurance

You want to protect your business, but how do you know you've got the correct policy?
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You're Busy. You Need Help. Now What?

Before you ask what your first employee should be like, decide what type of boss you want to be.

Market Research on a Budget

Don't think you can afford to do market research? Think again!