Gisela M. Pedroza


A new wireless network card improves transmission of hi-fi content.

Gear 9/01

Language translators for the less-than-fluent and a privacy filter for your monitor

Itronix GoBook Notebook

A notebook for all seasons-and office environments

Motorola Timeport P935 Personal Interactive Communicator

Here's one travel companion you won't mind traveling with.

Olympus DW-90 Digital Voice Recorder

Keep a record of everything you say without lifting a finger.

Cyberboy Personal Digital Assistant

A PDA that takes multimedia seriously

5GB Type II PC Card HDD

Light as a feather, faster than a speeding bullet, good things in small get the idea.

S2W 5300U Scanner

Scan directly to your PDA? No problem.

Gear 8/01

Check out these hot products: a faster notebook computer and a cordless mouse.

Infocus LP130 Projector

Picture-perfect presentations-literally-are easy with this portable projector.

DjVu Compression Software

Big files beware: The DjVu has an appetite for compression.

Apple iBook

Lightweight and, it's not a supermodel-it's the new iBook.

HandiCD Creator Kit Software

Wow prospects with knockout sales and marketing materials.

Turbo Mouse Pro

This mouse takes smooth moves seriously.

Lightning Internal CD-RW

Hard drive looking bloated? Free up valuable space with a CD-RW.
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