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Gisela M. Pedroza

Wire Not?

Check out this hands-free, wire-free headset.

Regulator PRO Gold Uninterruptible Power Supply

Protect yourself from those inevitable power hiccups.

ArialPhone Voice-Controlled Earset

Talk all you want-this hands-free earset will listen.

Predator External CD-RW

Write, rewrite and write some more.

Instant Power Charger

Power up your PDA hassle-free.

Cool Clicks 7/01

Check your commute before you hit the road and launching a virtual press room

Gear 7/01

Staying organized with the Palm OS and pint-sized printers

Pockey Portable Drive

An external hard drive that won't weigh you down

Defcon 3

Don't let thieves get at your laptop.

OHP 5000 On-Hold Audio System

Make on-hold time worth the wait for your customers.

Wire Your Office For Less Than $4K

Ready to equip your home office? With our guide, it's a cinch-and it's cheap.

Evo N150 Notebook Computer

A higher-end notebook at a lower-end price

Plan Write Expert Edition

Write your business plan right.

Gear 6/01

More storage space and a look at the latest Palm