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Why Are So Few VCs Investing in BIPOC Companies?

Venture capital is no different than most endeavors: it lacks diversity.


Nuevo episodio de 'Going Public': ¿Algo se compara con las reuniones en persona?

El emprendedor en serie Josh Snow muestra el poder de una visita in situ para comprender y mejorar un negocio.

Thought Leaders

New Episode of 'Going Public': Does Anything Compare to In-Person Meetings?

Serial entrepreneur Josh Snow shows the power of an on-site visit to understand and elevate a business.

Buying / Investing in Business

BIPOC Companies Passed Over By VCs Are Seeing Big Interest From Retail Investors

Unlike venture capital, retail investors are rather diverse and likely more aware of underfunded ventures.

Thought Leaders

New 'Going Public' Episode: "Let It Snow!"

Find out how the companies react to the guidance and challenges from digital marketing guru Josh Snow.

Business News

Fewer Than 30 Women Founders Have Ever Taken a Company Public

In 2021, Business Insider reported that "around 20" is a more likely accurate number.