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If women's SMEs prosper, the economy benefits

In Mexico there are more than 4 million SMEs and 60% of them are led by women. The closure of these businesses implies a reduction in income, jobs and economic activity that would impact the general economy.

What Is Feminism? YouTube Publishes These Video Lists for International Women's Day

YouTube's female community tackles topics of interest in three content-packed playlists on self-esteem, sisterhood, the story behind 8M and modern feminism.
Personal Finance

6 YouTube Channels in Spanish to Learn How to Manage Money

Mexico and Argentina are the Latin American countries that showed the greatest interest in finance-focused creators as of July.

Resilient and Smart Businesses: This Will Be the Future of Work

All industries have had to rethink and re-imagine how to operate and keep in touch with both their customers and their employees.

Google for Startups Accelerator bets on Latin American women in its Winter 2020 edition

Six of the 12 selected companies have female co-founders.

Free and Open Classes On How To Be a Youtuber

All these Google workshops will be available at 1pm in Argentina, 10am in Mexico and 5pm in Spain.

5 New Ways to Maximize Communication and Collaboration With Google Workspace

As part of the workspace integration, Google optimized its tools to improve communication and productivity for its users.

This shopping season will be different for this reason

What is a fact is that we are currently in a time of transition.