Gwen Moran

Gwen Moran

Guest Writer / Writer and Author, Specializing in Business and Finance

GWEN MORAN is a freelance writer and co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Business Plans (Alpha, 2010).


The New New Alternatives

A different crop of lenders is emerging, claiming that it will revolutionize tight credit markets. Really?

Online Tools to Ease Your Tax Tension

If you're self-employed and pay quarterly estimated taxes, the IRS is likely looking for some cash from you by Sept. 15. These websites won't take away the pain of the payment, but they'll make it a b...

Facebook's Face-Off

Are the social media giant's privacy woes a concern?

Sweet Charity: A Nonprofit Success Story

Making honey becomes a big business for teenage sisters -- and a big benefit for cancer research.

Radio Days Revisited

BlogTalkRadio seizes on an overlooked market niche--and a new round of funding.
Starting a Business

Tapping City-based Capital Coffers

New York and other cities are launching their own venture funds. Are they good for your business?

Credit Unions to the Rescue?

Find out how this old-school alternative to traditional banks could be the answer to your credit-crunch blues.

Free Paint to Good Home

A Colorado painter provides free makeovers for crisis-stricken homeowners.
Starting a Business

Do You Believe in Super Angels?

An early-stage investor by any name can be just as useful to funding your business.

How to Get Paid Faster

Methods for streamlining your company's collection practices

Baby Proof

An upstart maker of glass baby bottles gets the attention of green-friendly VCs.

The Opportunity in Opinion

PowerReviews proves the value of filtered, aggregated customer feedback by closing a third round of funding.
Starting a Business

The Voices of Venture Capital

4 leading venture capitalists offer their takes on the ups and downs of VC investment, what captures their attention and the best ways to seek out VC money.
Growth Strategies

The Bank in Your Backyard

Building strong connections with community banks can pay off during uncertain economic times.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Health-Care Reform

Separate fact from fiction and get your business ready for what's ahead.
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