Hisham Itani

Hisham Itani

Chairman and CEO of Resource Group Holding (RGH)

Hisham Itani is the Chairman and CEO of Resource Group Holding (RGH), an investment group with a broad portfolio of businesses that capitalize on technology and human capital for value creation.

Itani was born in 1972 and completed a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in business administration from the American University of Beirut. He started his professional career in his family’s printing business at an early age. From the onset, he ventured into new technologies ahead of demand and invested in R&D to come up with leading edge solutions that could compete on the international scene. In a short matter of time, Itani took the security printing business to another level and expanded into different technology verticals including digital security, smartcard manufacturing, mobile value added solutions, cyber security and secure communication solutions, telecom infrastructure and managed services, elections supply chain services, lottery systems and operations, mobile and virtual reality games, among others.

Itani’s focus on technology has had a constructive and tangible impact on government automation and on citizen experience in Lebanon. His career path brings a fresh perspective for entrepreneurship, brinkmanship and operational excellence. The portfolio of companies he has established are serving today over 50 countries in more than 10 industries.


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