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The New Work Rules for High-Performing Remote Teams

The current thinking on remote work and virtual teams returning to the office is flawed and based on failed use cases rather than best practices. Rather than reusing previous ways...

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On Zoom, Employees Figured Out How to Trick the Boss

After two years of Zoom video conversations and meetings, employees have figured out how to cheat the system. So when it comes to video meetings, does your staff wig out?...

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20 Ways to Use Microsoft Calendar to Maximize Your Day in 2022

The day can easily get away from you, with meeting calls, work deadlines, personal appointments, and family commitments. A digital calendar can help you keep control of your time by...

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How To Deal With Late Employees

Circumstances may justify causing an employee’s delay. However, if tardiness persists, management must act to guarantee and promote timeliness across the team. What happens if workers are late? However, unexpected...

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What is the Best App for Sharing a Calendar?

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” — Helen Keller As an entrepreneur, that is one of my favorite quotes. I have long realized that...

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The Easiest Way to Understand What a Calendar App is and How it Works

Almost everyone is familiar with the term “calendar app.” The phrase is tossed around at work, among families, and by productivity and business-focused influencers. Calendar apps are also frequently called...