Ines Ruiz

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer


15 basic tools that you will need for your business

There are hundreds of online tools on the market and, of course, choosing the right one sometimes becomes a difficult task for most entrepreneurs.

The types of webinars that work best (and make you sell more)

A webinar should be useful, entertaining and unforgettable. And for this to be true, it must be aimed at a specific audience.

What to do when your Instagram account is disabled without having violated their policies?

We tell you what are the main reasons why your account can be disabled and what to do when it is closed.

Experiential marketing: how to create sensory experiences without physical contact with your customers?

Experiential marketing has been the winning horse in brand sales strategies in recent years, especially for a segment of the population: millennials and Gen Z.

How to Transform a Physical Event Into a Digital One

The digital event has established itself as a great opportunity because it is more accessible and a greater number of people can be reached.

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