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Motorola V8160 Internet Phone

The whole Web in your palm

Handspring Visor

Palm functionality on the cheap

HP Jornada 548

A new handheld to get your palms onto

URL Manager 2.33

The missing link for surfer sanity

Netgear Network Card FA310TX

De rigeur ware for pain-free DSL surfing

Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro

Digital delight for the daintiest of digits

Second Chance

Keep a record of every change you've ever inflicted on your PC.


Give your mass e-mail campaign the personal touch.

Sony Mavica MVC-FD83

Get your digital pictures perfect.


Leave the balls to the kids and let an optical sensor do the surfing.

Ring My Bell

Deluxe Select Phone 2000

Building Community

If you don't start treating your visitors as more than just faceless droids with electronic pocketbooks, you'll quickly find yourself with a lot of product but no one to sell it to.

"Members Only" Areas

Want to win over a loyal audience? Think about offering services and specials to "members only."

Interactive Tools

Give customers what they want: An easy way to do business with you through the use of interactive tools.

Turbo-Charge Your Site

With almost 60 million households in the United States linked to the Net, you'd be stupid not to find ways to grab a piece of the action with a site that really hums.