Jacquelyn Lynn

Fast Track

How one entrepreneur found a way to help others save money on their pets - and earned some money of her own doing it.
Growth Strategies

Pollution Solution

Don't let pollution damage lead to financial damage.
Growth Strategies

Many Happy Returns

Your favorite former employees are back--catch 'em while you can.

Kid Cavalry

Employees are fighting a home-front battle with sick kids and lousy child care . . . and you can help.

Spraining Cats & Dogs

Fido broke a leg, but that's OK-your employees have pet insurance.

Fast Track

How one Internet marketing firm found a market of its own.
Growth Strategies

You Break It.

Don't pay for your contractor's mistakes.
Growth Strategies

Frankenstein's Manager

Lousy employee leadership got you down? Hey, Dr. Entrepreneur, here's how to <i>build </i>the perfect supervisor.

State Of The Unions

They're improving their image-and eyeing your workers.

Cram Session

Today's class: Bankruptcy Vocabulary 101
Growth Strategies

The Dubious Dole

Don't treat claims for unemployment compensation lightly.
Growth Strategies

Keeping Watch

Monitoring employees? "They'll never notice" is not the way to start.
Growth Strategies

Bad Bait

You're dangling an incentive-program carrot, but no one's biting. What now?

Training Ground

In a tight labor market, try asking, "Can this applicant learn to do the job?"
Growth Strategies

Oldie But A Goody

Though it may sound antiquated, boiler and machinery insurance is a modern necessity.
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