Jacquelyn Lynn

Hungry For More

Tell people where to eat and how to get there.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Protect yourself and your business with a partnership agreement.

Bulking Up

How to find wholesale sources

Got A Secret?

When do you tell your current boss about your new business?
Growth Strategies

Ease Your Mind

Increase benefits and save on health insurance with an EAP.

They Hate You.They Really, Really Hate You

What to do when you're the target of an anti-employer Web site
Starting a Business

In The 'Hood

The world's growing at Internet speed, but your local economic development agency's still watching out for you.
Growth Strategies

Map It Out

Don't make raises and bonuses hidden treasure--tell your employees what to do.
Growth Strategies

Between The Lines

Tips for spotting resume red flags

Follow Your Inner Brownie

Advisors are helpful...but so is listening to your gut.

Your Public Face

Putting together a media kit that gets results

Room To Grow Your Business

Design an office with space for PC and phone systems to expand and avoid your own TECH-tanic.
Growth Strategies

Young (Hired) Guns

Teen workers: They're fast, strong and practically begging to get out of the house for a few hours.
Growth Strategies

Do The Laundry, Walk The Dog

Ok, they won't do that, but virtual assistants can help you with administrative tasks.
Growth Strategies


Cops handle the crime, but forensic accountants figure out the damage done.

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