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James Park

Life Imitates Art

When this father-son team started thinking outside the fishbowl, a stylish and functional aquarium resulted.

Total Recall

What's in a name? Plenty, so here's how to choose one that stands out.

Fit to Pitch

Does selling stress you out? Banish your fears and get in the game.

Too Close to Call

His phone, her phone--whose phone is it? Thanks to this family's bright idea, look-alike phones have a unique new accessory.

Go, Speed Racer!

One entrepreneur lets customers design and race remote-controlled cars.

Nice Moves

A knack for logistics helps this shipping entrepreneur save cash.

Win Over Your Employees

If all you want is a little respect, read on.

Better Than Ever

Resolve to take these experts' tips to heart in the new year.

Spotlight On. Top Business-Service Franchises

Help other companies do business better with a business-service franchise.

Best Practices

Your good habits can rub off on your business.

On Par

Keeping startup costs low put this golf aficionado in the green.

Take a Back Seat

...or a seat back, rather. One mom's innovative storage solution has students and teachers sitting pretty.

Having a Ball

Jewelry made out of baseballs? It's a hit!

Go Go Gadget

Entrepreneurs reveal their fave tech toys for on-the-go productivity.

Under Cover

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but thanks to one entrepreneur, they can't hurt your gadgets.