Jane Easter Bahls

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Homeward Bound

Who's responsible when work-related accidents occur outside of the office?

Watch Your Language

If you require employees to speak only English, you'd better beware of the EEOC.

Fighting Chance

When the government wants your land, prepare to fight for fair payment.

Dangerous Liaisons

Planning to use the resources of your business to support your favorite candidate? Be careful not to cross the line.

Ground Rules

How to sponsor a company sports team without losing your jersey.

Perfect Match

A game plan for choosing -- and keeping -- the best consultants.

The Fine Print

Paying for photos doesn't always give you the right to use them.

Divided We Stand

When business owners divorce, what happens to the company?

Bragging Rights

Think your product is better than your competitors'? Be sure you can back it up.

Keep It Confidential

If you don't keep your company secrets under lock and key, your competitive edge might walk right out the door.

Got It Covered?

Make no mistake - liability insurance is important from the very beginning.


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