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Janean Chun

Circle Of Friends

Community assistance and more.
Starting a Business

Theory of Creativity

Two creative geniuses reveal how to think out of the box.

Healing Power


Web Feat


With Honors

Meet the winners of Avon's 1997 Women of Enterprise Awards.

Patent Lather

Inventors are hit hard as Clinton proposes to take $92 million from the Patent Office.

Search For Tommorow

Experts predict the future of small business.

Closed-Door Policy

The Supreme Court's refusal to hear a set-aside case deals a blow to affirmative action.

Center Stage

Congressional hearings and more.

Double Vision

What to do when franchisees and franchisors don't see eye to eye.

Breaking The Mold

Savvier than ever, today's franchisees are blazing new trails.

Chief Concerns

The SBA's new administrator speaks out about her plans for the agency.