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Janean Chun

Girl Talk

A former Oscar winner changes her focus to games for girls.

Point Of View

Franchisees see one thing, franchisors another . . . how to reconcile the two?

Global Warming

Franchising heats up around the world.

Star Bright

Awards program spotlights supporters of women business owners.

More Power To You

A new empowerment contracting program offers small business a huge advantage.

Under Fire

The SBA's Office of Advocacy faces the fight of its life.

Lying Down The Laws

How new legislators may determine the fate of franchise regulation

Opportunity Knocks

Women's access to capital widens with the help of a new SBA program.

Type E Personality

What makes entrepreneurs tick?

Franchise Frenzy

Booming industries and landmark court cases put franchising in the fast lane.

Power Of One

A new breed of franchisee--the multiunit operator--is changing the face of franchising.

Ground Zero

An ambitious new study aims to uncover what <i>really</i> happens in the start-up stage.

Contract Players

What can you do for your country-and what can your country do for you? Here are some opportunities government agencies offer entrepreneurial women:

Trend Watch: Part I

What's New! What's Hot! What Sells A Lot!

Trend Watch: Part II

What's New! What's Hot! What Sells A Lot!