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Detecting phony currency, a federal bill to loosen the tight capital market and more

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The end of state homestead exemptions may be in sight, credit and debit cards join forces, and more.

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Sites that offer more credible stock market info, paying by fingerprint

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The experts' take on the euro overhaul, why the SEC is setting up fake sites and more

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Diversify your holdings through an exchange fund and what the future holds for pre-IPO options

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Find out what you're worth, the progress of "going paperless" and more

Tough Enough

Despite speculations of a kinder SEC, Harvey Pitt is cracking down on business.

Out of Stock

When your stock price is stalled and you can't hope to improve it, is it time for your company to quietly step back into private life?

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Commercial real estate for cheap; the dangers of friends and family as investors; and the risks of biotech stocks

Cash Crunch

Don't let investors and lenders use that old "it's the economy" line as justification to put the squeeze on your business.

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Start-up veterans attracting VCs, security checks on your business partners and financial news searches from Bloomberg

Taking Credit

Card issuers are really rolling out the red carpet for their business customers, but is there a catch? Not if you act responsibly.

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Smaller VCs are picking up big VC slack, financing for IT purchases

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SBA-administered New Markets Venture Capital Program underway, relief for companies with reservist employees called into active duty, and more