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Jennifer Wang

Jennifer Wang

Guest Writer / Writer and Content Strategist

Jennifer Wang is a Los Angeles-based journalist and content strategist who works at a startup and writes about people in startups. Find her at

Growth Strategies

The Consultant Who Won't Shut Up

Trusting your instincts means trusting yourself.
Growth Strategies

Time is Money--Make it Count

The new Bring TIM! meeting cost calculator is making the world more efficient, one office at a time.
Growth Strategies

Aisle of Discontent

Biz travelers never had it better. So why are they still so cranky?
Growth Strategies

10 Twitter Feeds for Road Warriors

10 of the best Twitter feeds to follow for the latest in travel deals, news, advice and entertainment
Starting a Business

Business Models Illustrated

The new <em>Business Model Generation</em> book uses creative visuals to break down business models into nine building blocks.

Just Brilliant

When Americans stopped buying $40,000 solar panel systems, SunRun came up with a solution: Lease them.
Starting a Business

Genius Resources and Products for Entrepreneurs

From beef jerky that acts as Red Bull to a board game that teaches kids about credit, you'll find it here.
Growth Strategies

The Commodification of the Exit Row

For some airlines, exit-row seating is being included in their a la carte offerings.

Girl Power

Why women in business have suffered fewer casualties than men

Genius Resources and Products for Entreprenuers

Our monthly spotlight on tools to support and grow your business

Stand Out in a Crowd

Creative business cards are the ones people remember.
Growth Strategies

A Taste of Luxury in Economy

Business-class benefits on low-cost airlines
Growth Strategies

Ask a Pro: Closing Time

With businesses everywhere struggling, how do you decide if it's time to throw in the towel?

10 Brilliant Marketing Ideas

From radio to YouTube clips, 10 companies that changed everything.