Jerry Fisher - Page 4


In Your Eyes

Take it from American Express: The right visual cues draw readers into your ad.

Come to a Head

Once you've got a great headline for your ad, don't skimp on the details.

You Name It

"Sorry, what did you say your name was again?" That's the one question you don't want people asking about your business.

Toon Up

Make your brand as instantly recognizable as Bugs Bunny.

Dino Sore

Can a new marketing campaign boost Barney's slumping sales?

Sushi Surprise

For true marketing inspiration, head for your product's home turf.

Brand Anew

When a company no longer does what its name promises, it's time to change names and market like hell.

Sound Familiar?

Your prospects want you to say what they feel.

Brains and Beauty

This software makeover runs more than skin deep.

Personal Appearance

The best face to put on your business is your own.

Chart Smart

Charts may make good copy, but does your ad tempt prospects to read them?

Fine Print

The best ad phrases have already been written.

Pop The Question

Not <I>the</I> question&#151;but a question mark can make you advertisement more powerful.

No More Mr. Nice Ad

Cute doesn't cut it. To succeed, you've got to be more aggressive.

What's The Big Deal?

It should be the first thing out of your ad's mouth.