Jerry Fisher - Page 5


A Sharp Opener

In sales-letter writing, it's the most important weapon for capturing your reader's attention.

Let Them Eat.

The right buzzwords can whet consumer appetite for your product.

No Muse, No Fuse!

Wanna' sell units? Make ads that promise to whisk away life's more odious tasks.


Eliminate some of your ad's excesses, and it can garner more attention.

Ink Different

If your product isn't selling, then draw it a new image.

Make A Splash

A name like the Toilet-Seat Light can have Thomas Edison rolling in his grave, but it can't sell a product on its own.

Once Upon A Time

Share your success story, no matter how small the window of opportunity.

Head Games

Your prospects' own thoughts are potent headline material.

`Toon It Up

Tired of the same old ad? Draw on cartoons to add some character.

Hidden Treasure

Your best possible headline may lay unnoticed--seek it out.

Scare With Flair

Using fear to flag down prospects.

Says Who?

Your claims are most persuasive coming from the mouths of happy customers.

The `WOW' Factor

How do you sell a great gift idea? Enthusiasm!


Work magic with a testimonial headline.

Command Performance

Ask prospects to take action, and guess what? They just might.