Jerry Fisher - Page 7


`Hi' Hopes

Does your brochure get prospective customers to buy...or say bye-bye?

Horse Sense

What's Moody Mare? Jan's Wow Neigh? Arousing curiosity can get readers to zoom in on your ad.

Shape Up

Are you getting the best workout from your promotional mailings?

Opening Act

If your headline falls flat, your audience may not stick around for the whole show.

Your Attention, Please!

Want readers to notice your ad? Get in their face.

Psst! The Secret's Out

Hook 'em with the one word that leaves 'em begging for more.

Art Of Comparison

Using the before-and-after approach to grab readers' attention.

Fire Starters

Want to capture readers' attention? Simple: Host a sales explosion.

Fast Pitch

Ads that grab readers' attention in the blink of an eye.

Treasure Hunt

Searching for some sparkling ad copy? It might be right under your nose.

Bragging Rights

Received a compliment, praise or award lately? Play it up in your ads.

Space Craft

Want to make the most of a small-space ad? Use it to lure readers to your Web site.

On Target

When your audience is diverse, a personalized approach to advertising works best.

Hard Knocks

How to give the competition a few kicks--and still come off looking like the good guy

Story Selling

Every ad tells a story. What's yours?