Joan Szabo - Page 4


All the Perks

Small businesses deserve some big-business treatment.

Beefed Up

The IRS enforcement arm is working out.

Keep It Simple

Will the feds succeed in untangling tax laws?

Retirement Rewards

A new act makes life less taxing on you.

What a Relief!

A new act cuts small businesses a break with a large token of depreciation.

Don't Be an April Fool!

There's time for some last-minute tax moves.

Cash In

Cash accounting is about to get more use.

Wanna Trade?

IRS goes a little bit easier on like-kind exchanges.

How Do You Spell "Relief"?

For businesses hurt by the September 11 attacks, the answer may be "IRS."

Plug & Pay

The IRS is now taking your money online.

Reading, Write-Offs and 'Rithmetic

Saving for schooling now can be tax-free.

Big Letdown

IRS fumbles security for its e-file system.

Shelter for Shelters?

The IRS may not like 'em-but the courts don't seem to mind.

What's in It for Me?

Read the fine print: Tax bill will benefit entrepreneurs, too.

Lie Down With Dogs . . .

And you'll end up with some mighty hefty fees.