Joan Szabo - Page 5


A Tax to Grind

Will there be a sales tax standard to simplify the process?

Step Away From The Auditor

Thinking of getting to know your "independent" auditor better? Don't push it, says the SEC.

Updated = Upgraded

Do changes at the IRS really mean better service for you?

Smooth Moves

Roll over your small-business investments and shield yourself from capital gains taxes.

No Deposit, Big Return

And that's good news from the IRS.

All's Fair in . . .the Law?

A change in taxation legislation makes selling a business a better deal.

Scheming Off the Top?

Congress takes steps to uncover businesses' secret stash.

Late Bloomer

The IRS' antiquated computer system is finally getting a boost.

Hang 1040!

Surfing the Net for the newest tax info

Count It Up

. . . if you can. New and confusing IRS accounting rules may leave you puzzled.

Tell All

Gift-giving: Inform the IRS thoroughly to avoid an audit.

Pension Tension

Don't let your business's retirement plan get nabbed by the IRS.

On Foreign Soil

Congress is proceeding with a plan to allow U.S. exporters to establish foreign sales corporation in other countries.

The Killer Commute

Is it costing your employees a fortune? A new program may ease their burden.

In the Piggy Bank

If your kids are working for you, don't miss tax and savings breaks.