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Greed <i>Isn't</i> Good

Be careful when deciding what to pay yourself, because Uncle Sam's watching.

If I Were President . . .

Bush and Gore make very different promises on the subject of tax cuts.

Discover The Secrets Of Auditors

New guides help you keep the tax man away-for good.

Discover the Secrets of Auditors, Part 2

New guides help you keep the tax man away--for good.

Don't Wait Until Tomorrow

Granted, federal estate tax laws might change. But don't let that stop you from taking money-saving steps now.

Business Band-Aid

The 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act offered small doses of relief.

Your Favorite Bureaucracy Goes Digital

Privacy experts reel as the IRS rolls out a pilot program to transmit tax information via e-mail.

I Vant To Suck Your . . .

. . . bank account? To keep the lifeblood flowing in your financial veins, protect yourself from the local tax bogeyman.

A Business On Paper

. . . And profits in your hand. A foreign sales corporation could do the trick.

No Trespassing

You don't need a rocking chair and a shotgun to keep the IRS off your property--taxwise, anyway.

December, Already?

It's not too late to trim this year's tax bill. And it's definitely not too early to start on 2000's.

Easy Street

Check out the IRS' new options for tax-debt management. You'll drive away happy--and compliant!

Join The Corps

Feel defenseless against Uncle Sam? New regulations could make S corps better protection for your assets.

The fact that the Internet is generating huge profits hasn't slipped by the taxman. Find out which rules affect your e-commerce business.

The Payoff

Can giving more to yourself or your employees mean giving less to Uncle Sam?