Joan Szabo - Page 7


Choice Cuts

Action on Capitol Hill this year could leave you with a larger after-tax share of the profits.

Gimme Shelter

Uncle Sam can't solve your Y2K problems, but new tax deductions may make it easier to afford the protection you need.

Audit Angst?

New tax rules can help ease your fears and keep IRS visits short and succinct.

Agents Of Change

Is the IRS shedding its image as the agency entrepreneurs love to hate?

Extra Credit

Searching for more tax savings? An ounce of credit can be worth a pound of deductions.

An Ounce Of Prevention

The tax benefits of MSAs may boost your immunity against the health-care blues.

The Doctor Is In

University law clinics offer first aid to entrepreneurs who've been hit by an audit.

Beat The Clock

Tick . . . tick . . . tick. The year is drawing to a close--but it's not too late to cut your tax bill.

It's Official!

Now that the paper has settled in Congress, find out which tax code reforms made the cut.

Silver Lining

Plucking tax deductions from a natural disaster.

A Little R&D

Extending the R&D tax credit...again.

To The Rescue

The IRS can turn your uncollectable business debts into tax deductions.

New & Improved

The IRS takes major steps to become more user-friendly.

Measure By Measure

Find out what Washington has in store as your tax dollar teeters on Capitol Hill.

Estate Of Affairs

They say only two things are certain: death and taxes. In the event of the first, here's how to keep Uncle Sam from taking more than his fair share.