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Setting the Bar

A host of upscale new drinking establishments means business travelers no longer have to languish at dreary, dingy airport bars.

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Deja Vu Skies

Recent airline troubles don't signal the end of the industry, just a return to its past. What to expect next in the cycle.

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All Business, Always Trouble

What's at the heart of the all-business-class airlines failures? Real estate.

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A Bad Bag Idea

Why American Airlines' new checked-luggage fee is the worst idea to hit the runway in ages-and could end up costing more money than it makes.

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Life With Laptop

It's your constant travel companion, a source of pain and pleasure. Joe Brancatelli shows you how to make living with your portable computer easier on both of you.

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The High Cost of a Low Dollar

Business travelers are usually unfazed by currency fluctuations. Not this time.