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Jordi Greenham Asensio

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The playbook to raise capital for your startup

I will tell you, based on my experience in undertaking, the key points to successfully raise Venture Capital institutional capital in record time.

How to hire more than 300 people in a year

When I started in the first two years I had to hire more than 300 people to achieve our goals. Here I tell you a little about how I did it.

The importance of recruiting in early-stage startups

Here I propose recruitment solutions for startups that can also help you recruit for the business you are starting.

How to invest in the stock market to make money

What has worked for me to invest and obtain returns of + 10x.

The importance of a happy and motivated team

One of the main reasons why a person leaves their job is discomfort, they are not entirely happy with their work activities or the environment they live in from day to day.

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