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Getting a Passport Pronto

When strict new cross-border rules went into effect in January, passport processing times ballooned from six weeks to 12 weeks. So what happens if you have to travel internationally and you don't have a passport?

Make the Connection

It's getting easier than ever to stay connected on the road.

Good Food on the Fly

Ditch the burger and try these tasty, healthy eats.


Have a truly bon voyage knowing you got the best ticket price.

Clean Up

How to offset travel's toxic toll on the environment.

Do It Yourself

Check-in kiosks are saving business travelers tons of time.

Rooms for Rent

Apartments let travelers savor the comforts of home.

Far and Away

Who can take you where you need to go without breaking your budget? Our 2007 Business Travel Awards reveal your best bets.

Ditch the Baggage

Sick of lugging your luggage? Let someone else do it.

Airport Hotels Up Their Ante

Airport hotels are luring road warriors in droves.

Fly the Private Skies

Using a private jet is more affordable than you might think.

Paying for Business Travel

Using a corporate credit card has some material advantages.

Green On Go

When work takes you on the road, drive clean.

The Easier Expense Report

Travel expense reports are getting a little less expensive to produce.

Flying in Style

Business-class-only airlines are trying to win your loyalty.