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Kamlesh Dubey

Kamlesh Dubey

Guest Writer / Co-founder & CEO, Digillence Rolson Digital LLP

An IIM C Graduate with 14 years of experience and a Start up strategy expert, Kamlesh is the CEO of Digillence Rolson who leads the crazy bunch of people in the organization. He directs company operations and business expansion in International market. He has used his experience and marketing intelligence to develop real strategies to grow businesses of clients. His primary objective is to establish the company as the most innovative digital brand. With his Industry experience he brings in the much-needed stability and coherence to the team. Although always busy, still in his spare time (if any) he loves to read and unwind by travelling.

Business Lessons

6 Lessons I learnt as a Startup Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur you are not alone in the journey, you have employees, vendors, other direct and indirect stakeholders who are dependent on your business.