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Former Columnist & Online Liaison, Entrepreneur Middle East


Ask (In Arabic) And Ye Shall Receive: Jawabkom's Raed Malhas Has All Of The Answers

Jawabkom sounds like an Arabic Ask.com, but Jordanian 'trep Raed Malhas has developed an online service with greater depth- and it's filling the market need in the MENA region for a majorly underrepresented online demographic.

Staying Loyal: Prashant Khattar Wants To Help Your Business Retain Customers

Businesses work tirelessly to fortify and maximize their consumer loyalty. It's more relevant than ever today, with competition more intense than ever.

A Giant Leap For MENA's M-Commerce Space: T-Pay Founder Sahar Salama Covers Her Bases

With much talk about the MENA region's e-commerce industry, some might assume that all's quiet on the m-commerce front. Wrong. There's T-Pay.

Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis Could Change Everything

What's worse than being a small island anticipating a tropical storm? A small island that is also dealing with a massive debt crisis, which could change its political status.

The New Suez Canal: Egypt Splashes Cash At A Time Of Economic Difficulty And Security Concerns

Egypt has been experiencing a plethora of economic problems, and the many regime changes and recent security concerns with the Islamic State has only been adding fuel to the fire.

Pinpointing Palestinian 'Treps: Silatech Collaborates With PNB To Launch Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Map

Despite being under occupation, Palestine does have an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is slowly but surely becoming more dynamic.

Paging DoctorUna: Reem Haj Ali Wants To Help You Find The Right Healthcare Provider

CEO Reem Haj Ali was inspired to develop DoctorUna back in 2012 after noticing the "difficulties that arise when a person is attempting to book an appointment with a doctor."

From Social Experiments To Social Entrepreneurship: Injoy Giving Uses Gifting To Make A Difference

Social entrepreneurship is booming globally, and the MENA region is no exception, especially in the UAE.

Ninth Annual CFO Strategies Forum MENA To Take Place in Dubai

The 2015 edition of the CFO Strategies Forum, staged by Naseba, will take place in Dubai on October 25-26, 2015.

Arab IPO Summit To Take Place In Dubai

The 2015 Arab IPO Summit will take place in Dubai from September 14-17, themed Gateway to Capital, Growth and Value.

Onwards and Upwards: A Chat With Aseel Group's Naaz Noor

The GCC and the rest of the MENA region has seen their respective industries in this sector soar, and it's exciting to know that there are little to no signs of a slowdown.

Saudi Arabia's Future Female Entrepreneurs

Saudi Arabia's best and brightest women are ambitious to say the least.

Burundi's Presidential Elections Surrounded By Violence And Corruption

Burundi, already in the midst of any and all forms of chaos and instability to the highest degree, has opened voting booths for a presidential election that is, safe to say, controversial.

Fixing Greece's Economy Might Prove To Be A Herculean Task

Syriza's election victory in late January looked like a new turning point for Greece.

Typography Matters : Startup Founder Otba Mushaweh Aims For Arabic Font Excellence With TypeStage

We tend to forget that Arabic fonts on word processors are very limited… or even that a multitude of them exist.