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Know the Law

Understanding zoning and other restrictions before you start your business will save you big headaches (and money) later.

Have Confidence!

Whatever it is you need to get done, approach it with self-assurance.

Home, Sweet Home

Don't tell us why you want to start a homebased business--we already know. Just get to work on your dream.

Make Voice Mail Work for You

Treat your voice-mail system like a personal assistant, particularly if you're away from the office during the day.

The Delicate Balance of Work and Family

Don't go walking out onto that start-up tightrope without the support of loved ones to steer you in the right direction.

Funding Your Start-Up

When push comes to shove, friends and family are the ones to turn to.

Small Business Relief Act on Hold

With an anonymous hold preventing consideration of a bill to aid small businesses affected by the terrorist attacks, small business waits its turn for relief.
Starting a Business

Bringing in the Business

How to find your target market and tell them all about wonderful, fabulous you

Pre-Start-Up Checklist

Good idea? Check. Good advice? Check. Congratulations! You're on your way to start-up.

Don't Just Survive...Thrive

You're an entrepreneur. Let's celebrate!
Starting a Business

Starting an In-Home Child-Care Service

Low start-up costs, the joy of working with kids all day...sound good? Then homebased child care could be just your thing.

Defining Your Company's Value

Make sure customers understand why your company exists.

Finding the Perfect Fit

There are millions of business ideas out there, but only one can turn into your first start-up.
Starting a Business

Starting a Home Inspection Business

Get trained, get going and get a piece of a multimillion-dollar industry.

It's Time to Rebuild

One brick at a time, we can still pursue our dreams.