Keshav Sridhar

Keshav Sridhar

Entrepreneur, Author and a Corporate Trainer

Keshav Sridhar is an Entrepreneur, Author and a Corporate Trainer. He is the Founder/Chief Trainer of ORATE Training & Placement Services and Founder/Director of Globalliance BizNES Pvt Ltd. He has impacted 7000+ people with his customized training programs at Colleges, Corporate & Military.

Customer Service

12 ways to deliver excellent customer service

One should have the basic etiquette of not interrupting the customer and should give full attention to ensure clear understanding of the customer's requirement.
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7 principles to fantastic career, amazing life

We create our identity in this world through the professions we choose
Success Strategies

10 Commandments to regain your 'Success Momentum'

To be happy in our life, disciplined lifestyle is an essential.
Thought Leaders

How to be an inspiring leader?

Excellence is by choice and never by force.
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