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Capital Idea

You surf online. You shop online. Maybe you even sell online. Why not look for private investors online?

Think Ratio-ly

You can't know your homebased business unless you know these five financial ratios.

True Value

You know your start-up costs, your sales, your projections . . . but how much is your business really worth?

A Quick Guide To Personal Finance

All bottom line and no personal finance makes Jack a cash-poor boy. Our comprehensive guide to personal finance shows you the money.

Transact Now

Always wanted to accept Internet credit card orders from clients overseas? Finally, the world is your oyster.

Small Town

If you're not in the Silicon Valley or in the shadow of Wall Street's skyscrapers, don't think the SBA isn't paying attention.

Hold It

Using escrow services could ease your customers' fears of doing e-commerce business with you.

Better Business? Think Barter Business

Why trading for products and services makes great financial sense

Cashing In With Money Hunters

Popular TV show expands to the Net

The Road To Investors

Finding financing is never easy. And while there may be no direct route, several new sites point the way to capital.

Foreign Exchange Made Simple

American Express has launched a new Internet foreign exchange service designed to take the gueswork and stress out of making international payments with foreign currency.

Fast Cash Factoring Auction

For an immediate injection of capital, check out Capital Ideas

This Is Not A Test

SBA loan program would soothe Y2K jitters

My Dog Ate Your Check

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