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Laura Tiffany


Spotlight On... Sports Franchises

If you love sports and want to be involved 24/7, a sports franchise might just be the ticket.

American Inventor: The Finale

We finally get to learn who won the million bucks!
Starting a Business

American Inventor: Episode 10

The four finalists woo America with 30-second TV commercials.
Starting a Business

American Inventor: Episode 8

In the first of two episodes running together, the Headliner, the Word Ace and the Toner Belt compete for a final place.

American Inventor: Episode 9

Who will win the last slot in the final four: The Flush Pure, Restroom Door Clip or the Spherical Car Seat?

American Inventor: Episode 7

Learn the fates of Jerry, the portable exercise system inventor; Darla, the multilingual doll creator; and Francisco, inventor of a new breed of bike.
Growth Strategies

American Inventor, Episode 6

Three inventors are given $50,000 and four weeks to develop their products. Who will make it to the ultimate finals?
Starting a Business

Harried, With Children

Child-care options for entrepreneurs with kids
Starting a Business

Space Case

Tips on choosing your home-office location

American Inventor: Episode 5

In this two-hour episode, we finally find out who the final 12 inventors are.
Growth Strategies

American Inventor: Episode 4

The last episode of auditions features a revolutionary baby car seat, a character-building teddy bear, and a new way to think about brewing beverages.
Starting a Business

American Inventor, Episode 3

From a toe-shaped jam dispenser to a new-and-improved tooth flosser, the inventions on episode three run the gamut.

Beyond the Burger: 8 Fast-Food Concepts

If you're looking for an out-of-the-ordinary food franchise that'll grab diners' attentions, start here.
Starting a Business

21 Ways to Bring in the Business

Despite your desperate hopes and prayers, business isn't just going to wander into your business. You need to get out there and hustle, and we've got the tips to help you do it.
Starting a Business

Secretary of State and Commerce Websites

Ready to incorporation? Find the information you need at one of the following sites.