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Lindsay Friedman

Staff writer. Frequently covers franchise news and food trends.

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Franchise of the day

Franchise of the Day: Don't Have a Green Thumb? The Lawn Doctor Can Help You Out.

With the tagline, 'we eat dandelions for breakfast,' the franchise has lawn care down to the very last blade of grass.
Social Media

Job Recruiters Aren't Taking Advantage of Social Media in Their Search for Rockstar Hires

But the majority of job seekers sure are, according to a new study.
Health Insurance

These Are the Most Common, and Expensive, Injuries at Work

Serious or not, most injuries still come with a hefty bill for businesses.

Brain Break: 9 Types of Interns From the Screen You May Work With This Summer

If things work out well or not, they'll only be around for a few months.
Start Up Your Day

Twitter Won't Count Photos and Links as Characters Anymore -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

Plus: A 14-year-old turned down $30 million for his invention.
Online Business

Amazon's Reported Offering of Original Snacks and Baby Products Is Its Latest Bid to Control Everything

Here are five other original services the ecommerce giant provides.
Franchise of the day

Franchise of the Day: Is Your Kitchen a Mess? This Franchise Can Help.

The ShelfGenie can turn any storage problem into a well-organized system.
Franchise 500

Fire Up the Grill With These BBQ Franchises

The summer is a waste without a good steak or rack of ribs.

10 Nonprofits Changing How We Live, Dream and Help One Another

The future is brighter with these solution-makers.
Start Up Your Day

The Uber of China Could IPO in 2018 -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

Plus: An origami robot could fix you from the inside.
Start Up Your Day

Release Rumors Swirl for Apple's iCar -- Startup Your Day Roundup

Plus: Disney has a new robot that's so precise it can thread a needle.
Franchise 500

Dogs, Birds and More: Check Out These 7 Pet Franchises

In honor of National Pet Month, it's a great time for owners to reassess the needs of their beloved pets and make sure they are happy and healthy.
Start Up Your Day

Google Reportedly Developing Rival to Amazon's Echo -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

Plus: We move closer to a world with a robot battle league.
Franchise of the day

Franchise of the Day: Unleash You Inner 'Shoebe' With This Shoe Company

If flip-flops are what you're after, the Flip Flop Shops franchise is the place to go.