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LinkedIn survey reveals the pros and cons of flexible working according to Mexican leaders

The majority of professionals in leadership positions in Mexico (75%) have felt pressure to adapt workplace policies and offer greater flexibility to teams since the onset of COVID-19.

LinkedIn Top Voices Sustainability: These are the most influential voices on green issues

This list recognizes the members of the professional social network who, through their content, inform others about the importance of the positive impact on our planet.

FOMO is the main driver for Gen Z to return to the office, according to LinkedIn

The new report from the professional network analyzes the perception of Generation Z on returning from work.

Almost half of Mexicans prefer a hybrid work scheme, according to LinkedIn

The new report of the platform analyzes the perception of Mexican professionals about the future of work.

The 5 questions that can determine the hiring of a vacancy according to LinkedIn

Recruiters may not ask just one question, but they will certainly need to consider one of these next time, as what the answers reveal will be invaluable.

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