Lisa Kanarek - Page 4


Time Is Money

Five ways to stop giving away your time.

First Things First

Don't know where to start? Six ways to set priorities.

Nobody's Perfect

Don't confuse being "perfect" with being organized. Reconcile your skills and your priorities.

Space Invaders

Are cords, books, office supplies, files and fax machines underfoot, in your way and everywhere else? Well, do something about it.

Tech In Check?

Home-office technology can help you in your quest to organize, but it can also leave you swamped in your own bits and bytes.

Shed Some Light

If sitting at your desk all day makes you feel lousy, it may not be all the work. You probably need more light.

Big Mistakes

The five biggest blunders you can make in your home-office setup and how to avoid them

Fall Cleaning

Back to school, back to work, back to business. Six things you can do to gear up your office for a busy fall, get the kids on their way and leave your clients wondering how you 'do it all'.

Voice Lessons

Five time-saving, stress-reducing, client-pleasing voice-mail tricks

Too Much Stuff?

Let it go . . . six ways to keep home office possessions from owning you

Enemy In Disguise

E-mail can quickly become an invaluable ally--or your arch enemy. Five steps help you ward off the barrage.

Room For Improvement

You give one to your marketing materials, business plan--even your wardrobe. If it's time to make over your home office, you can design your dream room on the Net.

Getting Others Organized

Know someone who's eternally messy? How to finally get your Oscar Madison to become Felix Unger neat.