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Lori Francisco

Future Speak

A look at franchising in the new millenium
Growth Strategies

Extreme Measures

How to attract Generation Y employees

Cool Runnings

Exploring new places may just lead you to the business opportunity you've been searching for. Here's a look at how one couple did it.

Aged To Perfection

Finding your niche in the e-commerce world

What's Cooking

Two brothers give customers a great environment to relax and just hang out in.

Never Say Never

From engineer to entrepreneur--who would have thought?

Shiny, Happy Employees

A new program shows how to create 'em and how to keep `em.

Home Alone

When the franchisees are in charge...

Window Shopping

A whole new way of looking at drive-thru

Straight To Video

Cameras, cameras everywhere--what happens to all those videos?

Lighten Up!

Show of lights, squeeze play, chakra cosmetics

Quick Turnaround

The fine print, `toon in

Movin' On Up

Innovative franchisees take the risk out of choosing a new site.

Tech, Yes

You don't have to be a computer hotshot to strike it rich in high-tech. Power up with one of these 29 ways to plug in to profits.