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7 gadgets a millennial mom DOES want as a gift this Mother's Day

Check out this selection of gadgets perfect for a tech-loving young mom. Spoiler: does not include appliances, not a single one.
Enterprising Children

5 Simple Games To Give Kids An Excellent Financial Education From Home

48% of Mexican children obtain financial education from their parents, teach them to maintain healthy finances in a fun way through simple and homemade games.

How the Winklevoss twins went from losing Facebook to making trillions of dollars with Bitcoin and NFT

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss lost ownership of Facebook in a dispute against Mark Zuckerberg, but are now billionaires thanks to their business in crypto assets. Learn about its inspiring story.

5 Ways to Unsubscribe From a Spam List

Getting tired of seeing junk mail in your inbox? Don't worry - we have the solution.

Elon Musk Is No Longer the Second-Richest Person in the World. Look Who Beat Him.

The Tesla mogul fell to third place in the billionaire rankings and is further and further away from Jeff Bezos.
Human Resources

Coca-Cola Asks Its Workers to Be 'Less White' to Fight Racism

Employees participated in a controversial anti-racism course, but the result was far from what they expected.

Is the Richest Person In the World Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos?

The Tesla founder lost $13.5 billion in one day, returning the crown to the CEO of Amazon. But the story took an unexpected turn.

Bitcoin Is Already Worth More Than $40,000

The recent record high in the price of digital currency raised the total market value of all cryptocurrencies to more than $1 trillion on Thursday.

Bitcoin is unstoppable! It reached $ 28,900 per unit and will continue to rise according to experts

In less than three weeks, the popular cryptocurrency has registered a 60% increase in value and specialists project that it will reach $ 30,000 in the near future.

Walmart Will Not Sell Covid-19 Vaccine for $20 in the U.S. Why the Confusion?

It is said that the Pfizer drug will be available for $20 at the supermarket chain, but it is not yet time to pack your bags to go get it.

Dogecoin Surged 25% Thanks to a Simple Tweet from Elon Musk About the Cryptocurrency

Early this Sunday, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX took to Twitter to dismiss Bitcoin and caused a significant increase in DOGE.

We Won't Know Until February Whether or Not Mexico Approves Marijuana Legalization

Due to "errors", "contradictions" and lack of agreement between the Chambers, the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice granted an extension to make a decision to federally legalize cannabis.
Jeff Bezos

See why Jeff Bezos will increase his fortune thanks to the arrival of Airbnb to Wall Street

The Amazon mogul is already the richest man in the world, but he will earn several million more when the hosting platform offers its shares on the stock market.

Mexico Just Got One Giant Step Closer to Legalizing Marijuana

A proposed Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis will go to the Chamber of Deputies for possible approval on December 15.

This was what was actually approved for the regularization of marijuana

The proposed Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis will go to the Chamber of Deputies for possible approval on December 15.