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How to Merge Two Companies? Do It Like It's a Relationship.

Ecomsur is a fullcommerce company, which arose from "a marriage" between a Chilean company with the same name and a Mexican company called Ingnite.

Santa Is Immune to Covid-19

Santa is immune to Covid-19, the minimum wage will go up in Mexico by 2021, and much more.

The Entrepreneurs Who Created Ganu, the Nutritious Instant Soup, Tell Us How to Create a Product With Impact

Young people have known each other since their high school days. And although Daniel has always been an entrepreneurial boy, for Rafael this has been something completely new.

I Tried Burger King's New Veggie Burger in Mexico. Here's What Happened.

The fast food company in partnership with Unilever's The Vegetarian Butcher introduced the Whopper Vegetal.

Be the CEO Your Company Needs With These 5 Tips

Daniel Marcos has worked with many CEOs around the world and gives us the necessary tips to achieve it.

The Great Lesson This Mexican Brand of Nostalgia Products Learned on 'Shark Tank'

These entrepreneurs want you to keep buying items from your homeland even when you're in the United States.

The entrepreneur who took a million pesos in Shark Tank Mexico with his grandmother's recipe

In 2014, Jorge started selling the family sauce to his friends, acquaintances and small businesses in markets.

10 Keys to Living Happily In Pandemic Times

Vanessa King, the expert author in applied psychology and director of Action For Happiness, shares her recommendations.

Don't miss the most important news of the week! Take a look at Emprendenews

IKEA reprints and delays the release of its 2021 catalog and other news by less than 5 minutes.

From a bra to a booth: learn the story of Eva, the device that detects breast cancer early

Eva Center is a smart booth that offers an experience powered by a digital infrared imaging device and artificial intelligence approved by the FDA.

Fireball the fire starter that conquered Arturo Elías Ayub in Shark Tank Mexico

Lina and Daniel are the entrepreneurs who help you light your grill with their product.

This company wants to give a useful life to coconut waste from large factories

Oh My Coco was created by Mariana Rodríguez, an entrepreneur who seeks to help the planet with her products.

Hot Sale 2021: 5 tips to make your purchases

From May 23 to 31 of this year ecommerce stores will have great discounts.

Netflix Sitcoms You Can't Miss This Weekend

Laugh short and learn about team management and resilience with our comedy recommendations for this purpose.