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Store raises the price of the plates so that you do NOT give them away on Mother's Day

"Mention that it is not to give to your mommy and you take it at the normal price," says the store.
entrepreneur stories

Two young people created a chair that helps people with disabilities to stand up

Alejandra Ortiz and Javier Mejía's project that began as a simple school task, is now a unique design office in Mexico.
Enterprising woman

In the style of the 60s, Martha Debayle launches her third clothing collection in collaboration with Ivonne

The businesswoman's brand continues to grow betting on the Mexican women's market.
Viral Videos

Why the 'Save Ralph' short went viral

Taika Waititi's raw and painful short film that reminds us of how much animals suffer when subjected to cosmetic tests.

Panama's 'Feminist' Tennis Line Sparks Outrage

The campaign meant to empower the movement created heated debate within the framework of International Women's Day.
Social Media

A Designer Created Fake Verification Badges By Imitating the Twitter Popcorn Icon

Not even the INEGI came up with it! According to the ad, only an "authentic and remarkable" character could acquire it.
Crisis Management

How to Handle a Brand Crisis: Pai Pai Tells Us How He Dealt With 'Cancellation'

Being an entrepreneur means that you never stop learning or training, no matter how many years you've been in business.
Business Ideas

4 business ideas inspired by 'Lady's Gambit', the popular Netflix series

The fever that the show unleashed for chess can be a great opportunity to undertake.
Mexican Wines

Mexico, the land that seeks to change the paradigm of wine

Mexican wines become more sophisticated every day and seek to change the perception that they are only drunk on special occasions.

5 reasons why Mexico is better than Silicon Valley for launching a startup: Courtney McColgan

The opportunities in Mexico and Latin America are much more viable than in the United States. The founder & CEO of RUNA, tells us why.

Entrepreneurship in the Pandemic Is Always a Challenge, Even for Martha Debayle

The Mexican announcer and businesswoman looks to the future in a difficult time for the world with a new proposal.

10 cartoons that remind us of our childhood

It is always a good time to remember when we were children. Happy Children's Day!