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Virgin Galactic Poised to Start Its New Spaceship's Test Flights

Virgin Galactic also doesn't have a target date for its first official flight yet despite already having sold 700 tickets.

We Might Not Be Able to Use Martian Water After All

A new study says the planet's water might not be drinkable. Worse, it might not even exist. A team of scientists from the University of Arizona looked more closely into those dark streaks called "recurrent slope linae" or RSL in an effort to figure out their origin.

Amazon Alexa Deals Will Make You Shout Out Your Shopping List

You can also get $10 off on your first order through the voice assistant.

Apple Creates a New Company to Sell Solar Energy

The company might have plans to expand its farms even further to prepare for new projects, such as charging stations for the long-rumored Apple car.

Germaphobes, Rejoice! Boeing Creates Airplane Bathroom That Cleans Itself.

By killing germs, the method also keeps the stall from smelling like a truck-stop urinal.

FCC Summons AT&T, Comcast and T-Mobile to Explain Data Cap Exemptions

Some net neutrality advocates have expressed concerns over the potential of companies' programs to harm innovation.

Scientists Freeze Molecule to Almost Absolute Zero

This could result in the creation of a huge variety of different states of matter, scientists say.