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Enterprising women

Patricia Armendariz will invest in three entrepreneurs, you can be one of them

With the Woman Emprende 2021 contest, the investor intends to promote the female entrepreneurial spirit. The deadline to send your project is March 7.
Gender Violence

These Projects Are Working to Stop Gender Violence

Foundations in Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic were awarded donations by Avon.
Social Entrepreneurship

Get Started and Make Your Idea Come True With Social Impact

Be a part of the transformative social entrepreneurship festival Fest South. The event takes place this February 26 via online and is free.
Enterprising women

May Your Achievements Live Up to Your Dreams

The last year has been particularly challenging, but also rewarding for many women, who, amid high levels of stress and work, have learned to make the best of every situation.
Enterprising women

Gain Visibility, Boost Your Career and Get Better Job Opportunities

The Visibility by Women Index's path to personal marketing and negotiation success and leadership tools.
Business Opportunities

Learn About Mary Kay's Digital Transformation

Mexico is the first country in which the direct selling brand launches Suite13 and Skin Analyzer, two tools that offer growth opportunities to its independent beauty consultants.

Find opportunities in the crisis and grow your business model

Santas Alitas is a Mexican restaurant-bar franchise that opened 21 new branches amid the pandemic. Here we tell you its secrets.

Alestra Seeks to Continue Innovating With International Scaleups

Six international scaleups entered Alestra's Open Innovation and Soft Landing Program. They are linked to AI, IoT Cybersecurity and Blockchain.
Business Opportunities

Start with Nestlé

In partnership with entrepreneurs, Nestlé ventures into the food service operation with its leading brand in condensed milk.

Do not let anything stop you

I have no doubt that entrepreneurs and SMEs are the ones who will help Mexico to get ahead in this crisis.
Business Ideas

15 Business Ideas (for Other Businesses)

Meet various examples of Business to Business companies, that is, they sell their products and services to other companies.

A private cloud for your business

The correct handling of data is the basis of the transformation of every industry and company. We present you an option to manage and protect your organization's information through a NAS server.

Ancestral food that tastes and does well

LiveKuna is an Ecuadorian foodtech that wants to give the world a healthier life through Aztec and Mayan foods.
Business Opportunities

Make 2021 your best year

Sociologists say that the next decade will be dominated by women and by the reinvention of our lives in adulthood. Why not start now?

These are the Skills and Mindsets of the Leader of the Future

Jacob Morgan, founder of, identified the skills and mindsets that leaders must possess if they want to lead themselves, their people and their organizations to success. Get to know them!