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Mark Henricks

Force of Habit

Here's one leadership rut you don't want to get out of.
Growth Strategies

Trading Up

No cash? No problem. Here's how smart entrepreneurs use barter to help save money, create connections and grow their businesses.

Keeping Mums

Want a fiercely loyal work force? It's no secret--it pays to treat working mothers right.
Growth Strategies

Managing Remote Workers

Sounds like it's as easy as pushing a button, but managing workers remotely takes a lot of learning, communication and trust, as these entrepreneurs found out.

Falling Flat?

How flat is too flat when it comes to management? You'd better find out before it's too late.

Tech, Please

"Next-generation CIOs" offer more than just tech advice.

Get Tough

No more Mr. Nice Guy. If you want to stay competitive, you've got to play hardball.
Starting a Business

Starting a Business as a Personal Shopper

Shopping isn't just their passion; it's their business. And it's no job for an amateur. Learn how these fashion-forward pros make their living at the checkout counter--and how you can, too.

This Is a Test

Don't be tempted to use ROI analyses the wrong way, or you risk creating a formula for disaster.

Working It

A surge in part-time workers can pay off for your business.

A Work of Art

Creating a business masterpiece takes a palette of different ideas.

Shopping for Insurance in a Difficult Market

On the lookout for business insurance? You might have to re-evaluate your risk tolerance first.

Smart Policies for E-Mail Messages

You'd better be careful--your company's e-mail messages could come back to haunt you in court.

Flexible Benefits That Stretch to Fit Your Biz

Want to keep health care costs low and employees happy? Then you can't ignore flexible cafeteria-style benefits plans.

Buy or Lease?

What's the upside to owning your biz location? Here's what you must consider if you're currently renting.