Mark Henricks

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Is That a Stretch?

Know when to expand outside your geographical area.

Crunching Numbers

When in doubt, let the data tell you what to do.

Novel Ideas

We reveal our picks for the 9 best classic business books of the past 30 years--and why they're still relevant today.

You Know the Drill

...or do you? The latest training tools might surprise you.

Beyond Borders

Ready to go global with your business on eBay? We've got the tips and tactics you need, from selling to customers in foreign countries to going overseas in search of products to sell.

Beating the Odds

Put the odds on your side with these 10 steps that (almost) guarantee startup success.

Brand You

Expert tips on building your company's MVP

Star Power?

Casting doubt on standard assumptions about business success.

Strength in Numbers

Stay informed, make connections and get motivated with a little help from your friends in the eBay community.

In the Know

From eBay newbie to veteran seller, here's all you need to do it right.

The Third Wave

Just getting used to Web 2.0? Hang on, because Web 3.0 is about to hit shore.

Young Guns

Hiring millennials has its advantages--just keep it from backfiring.
Growth Strategies

Bringing In a CEO

Sometimes it's best to give up your company's top job.

Relating to Younger Employees

Draw in young employees by tuning in to their interests.

Ups and Downs

Paychecks continue their steady climb as hiring falls again.

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